David the Builder Kutaisi International Airport, also known as Kutaisi International Airport, is an airport located 14 km (8.7 mi) west of Kutaisi, the third largest city in Georgia and capital of the western region of Imereti. It is one of three international airports currently in operation in Georgia, along with Tbilisi International Airport serving the Georgian capital and Batumi International Airport near the Adjara Black Sea resort. The airport is operated by United Airports of Georgia, a state-owned company.



Kutaisi International Airport is fully operated by United Airports of Georgia. The airport was rebuilt in 2012 and is the first international airport in the region, offering cost-efficient airline services.

The mild climate in the area and strategic location makes it alternate airport for the region. Kutaisi Airport is located within 200 kilometers from Tbilisi, and is connected to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey within radius of 300 km.

The airport is equipped with the highest quality navigation and weather systems, has 2,500 m runway and can simultaneously serve up to 600 passengers, receive 2 and depart 3 flights.


Airport type: Civil

KUTAISI Approach:     127.100

KUTAISI Tower:          125.500

Dimensions:        8202 x 144 feet / 2500 x 44 meters

Surface:               Hard

Coordinates/Elevation/Runway Heading

Runway 08   N 421029.85  / E 0422804.01    /     197   /         075°               

Runway 26   N 421043.28  /  E 0422951.51  /     223   /         255°

Airport operation hours: 24/7 for any temporerry restrictions please check NOTAMs

Customs/Immigration: 24/7

Available Services: Aircraft Cleaning, ASU, ACU, De-icing, GPU, Toilet Service, Portable Water Service.


Ground Handling in KUT, UGKO, Kutaisi International Airport, is provided by VIP Aviation Handling Company

Handling company contacts:

Tbilisi International Airport, 0158, Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel/fax.: +995 599 511 922

Cell: +9955 9951 1922 - 24, +9955 9751 1922 - 24 hour


VHF: 131.575 MHz

E-mail: ops@vipaviation.ge, info@vipaviation.ge

Web: www.vipaviation.ge


New rules for all airline passengers (both Georgian and foreign nationals) to Georgia will begin to apply from 1 February 2021

The Prime Minister-led Inter-Agency Coordination Council has introduced new rules for all airline passengers (both Georgian and foreign nationals) to Georgia. The rules will begin to apply from 1 February 2021.(Source)


More specifically, Georgian nationals arriving in Georgia as of 1 February will have the option of providing a negative PCR test and self-isolating for 8 days or, instead of self -isolating, taking a second PCR test at their own expense, on the third day from their arrival, and thus exempt themselves from the obligation to self-isolate. For Georgian nationals entering the territory of Georgia by air without providing a negative PCR test, the period of self-isolation will be reduced from 12 to 8 days.

As for foreign visitors to Georgia, they can freely enter the territory of the country if they provide COVID-19 vaccine certificates saying that they have received two full doses of vaccines. The same will apply to the crew.

Non-vaccinated visitors, who are nationals or residents of the EU, Israel, Switzerland, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will not need to self-isolate. Upon entry to Georgia, including through transit, they will have to provide a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before their arrival and then take a second PCR test at their own expense, on the third day from their arrival. The same will apply to the crew (if there are citizens from the listed countries above) .

The rules already applying to land borders will remain in force.

All crew members (regardless of nationality) are allowed to be entered in the country on GENDEC’s base and can be transferred to the special hotels . In this case No PCR tests will be necessary. They can enter without any issues.



Regarding other nationalities with purpose of business travel:

It should be noted that in order to promote economic activity in Georgia, business visits from all countries will be carried out smoothly in advance, by filling in the relevant form and in agreement with the relevant sectoral agency. Guests arriving in Georgia on a business visit are required to take a PCR test at Covid19 every 72 hours at their own expense, or to undergo a mandatory 8-day quarantine, also at their own expense.  All these PAX need to fill the special form, Please follow the link: https://stopcov.ge/en/Protocol


Georgian Civil Aviation Agency is main civil aviation body in Georgia. To contact them, please use below details:

Address: Beginning of I Kheivani Street, 0114, Tbilisi, Georgia

Phone: (+995 32) 2 94 80 14

             (+995 32) 2 94 80 02

E-Mail: office@gcaa.ge

Web: www.gcaa.ge

24 Hour Operating Duty Group of Air Transportation Department

Tel./Fax: + (995 32) 236 40 51


Air Navigation services is provided by “Saqaeronavigatsia” (Georgian Air Navigation), Detailed information about current restrictions can be found in Georgian AIP, in published NOTAM’s, or on the web: http://www.airnav.ge/index.php


Fuel is supplied by:

Georgian Petroleum www.airgp.ge and

Gulf Aviation  http://gulfaviation.ge/


Catering avialable in KUT, UGKO, Kutais Airport: Catering available at Kutaisi International Airport


Information about available hotels and prices you can find on below link: Hotels Available at Kutaisi Inernational Airport


In case of handling inquiry you can use this link: Handling request for Kutaisi International Airport


If you want to know estimated handling charges for your planned flight to KUT, UGKO, Kutaisi International airport, please use this link: Calculate Handling Charges Online for Kutaisi International Airport


For any other purpose, please follow this link

We are providing also fulle handling support at Tbilisi Inenational Airport and at Batumi Inernational Airport